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Clinical Nutrition in Arcadia

Healthcare Comes in Several Key Forms

Chiropractic Care seeks to achieve health through an optimally functioning nervous system. Clinical Nutrition seeks to achieve health through proper nutrition and chemical balance.

Take time to learn how your body works, the basic principles of nutrition and what nutrients your body requires for your individual lifestyle, occupation, and dietary needs. You can improve the state of your health, prevent disease in the future, and maintain your health in the way nature intended.

If you do not provide the essential nutrients to the body you will impair its normal functions. You may not be sick enough to be in bed, but remember that the ‘normal’ aches, pains, and general fatigue a majority of Americans are experiencing are most likely linked to nutritional deficiencies as a root or contributing cause. Once you are aware of the nutritional ‘stressors’ in your diet and environment, and begin using specific nutrients to rebalance and repair current condition, and prevent future imbalances, you will begin to understand and actually ‘feel’ how nutrition works.

Taking Clinical Nutrition to the Next Level

Together with my experience and the Genova Diagnostics (formerly Great Smokies Diagnostic Labs) testing, we have taken Clinical Nutrition to another level.

If you have suffered with a medical condition that has been difficult to treat, or you are not satisfied with the traditional medical approach, make some time for yourself by setting up a clinical nutritional evaluation. We can take the time to personally discuss functional testing and treatment approaches.

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